Our Story

Ho! Stonko! Hello! I'm Kelli. This isn't about me though...this is about legends Mabel and Mattie, my great grandmothers. 

From rural upbringing on the Kikapú (Kickapoo) reservation in the early 1900s, these tobacco-spitting sisters were the life of the rez. Inventors of the “good vibes” mantra, they were ornery, fun, hilarious, gambled, chewed tobacco, and were, by far, THE pranksters of all pranksters.

Spit-can in tow, these beautiful matriarchs proudly did things their own way. They paved a path for me and future generations with their strength, wisdom, hard work, and no nonsense attitude.

So, for the rebels, the pranksters, and the badasses who unapologetically say something to change the world in their own way...this is for you.

Keep doing your thing. There’s room for you. It's YOUR time.